Asbestos and Lead Abatement of Historic Mallet Locomotive in Two Harbors MN

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 9:25:45 PM

The following pictures are of the restoration of the Historic Mallet Locomotive in Two Harbors MN.

AbateTek removed asbestos on the heating lines and sand blasted all the lead based paint off.

Organized in 1925 The Lake County Historical Society now resides in the 1907 Duluth and Iron Range Train Depot.

Beginning of Project

Completed Project

Lake County Historical Society

Museum · Two Harbors, Minnesota

The Lake County Historical Society was established in 1925 to "collect, preserve and disseminate information about the County of Lake and Surrounding environs." Mr. Owens, a pioneer railroader in the area, was elected first President of the Society by the eighteen (18) charter members.

The Society continued to grow under the leadership of Mr. Owens and Mr. Scott who was elected Secretary in 1929. Through Mr. Scott's efforts thousands of documents and manuscripts were collected, indexed and bound. Later, Mr. Fowler, President and Secretary for many years, guided the development of the Society and the museum. [READ MORE]